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Pop in to enjoy some treats (and great coffee), or collect your pre-ordered pav! 

48 Wingrove Street, Alphington, VIC 3078

Mouthwatering pavlovas MADE FRESH AND TO ORDER

“I have absolutely loved how many people have been buying these as gifts for those they love, who are well and truly over 2020 and this whole lockdown situation. They have been wonderfully received and seem to bring a lot of joy. I am so grateful to be a part of brightening people’s days with my Pavlovas”

The PavQueen Pavlova

The PavQueen Pavlova is quickly becoming one of Melbourne’s dessert treats!

Order for a special occasion – or yourself!

Handmade by Nerida McPherson, and available in 10″ size and comes in four flavours, Strawberry Choc, Classic Berry, Peppermint Crisp or Espresso.



Picnic Pav

PavQueen Pavlova is quickly becoming one of Melbourne’s best to-your-door dessert options.

These perfect single-serve pavlovas are the ultimate personal indulgence.